Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Description of Roadside Geology Program and Hike at Tallulah Gorge by Joyce Hall with Photos by David Fann


"What a treasure Tallulah Gorge is particularly when one is informed by Bill Witherspoon about  the geology.  Bill had all the fascinating facts about how the geology changed history.  How nice it would have been for Atlanta's water supply if the Tugaloo had not been captured by the Tallulah & Chattooga sending the water down to the Atlantic rather than flowing through Georgia to the Gulf.  He told of many  stream captures that change the landscapes.   To a question about the detriment of dams to geology, Bill  stated it was of no importance.   "The silt will fill in the dams and leave not a trace------in a few million years".  Bill added at least from a geologist prospective  dams are unimportant, smiling so as not to offend others who are opposed to dam building.
If you missed the program I highly recommend you check out another site around the state (Ga) when Bill Witherspoon will be giving another program.  Expect a crowd.  I think he is getting rock star status.   bill@georgiarocks.us ".Joyce Hall

Going Down

In the Visitor Center

Overlook Lecture 1

Overlook Lecture 2

Stairway Cleanup Crew

The bridge we later crossed

The Gorge

The River