Saturday, May 9, 2015

Charles H. Wharton Center with Eddi Minche, photos by Karen, David, and Jean

It was a perfect day for our trip to Wharton Conservation Center in Tate City, GA.
Our hostess, Eddi Minch welcomed us and introduced Jerry McCollum, CEO of the Georgia Wildlife Federation which manages the property.  Charles Wharton, noted conservationist, left the 129-acre property to GWF upon his death.  Plans are to develop the center into a education and research center honoring the memory of Dr. Wharton.
Eddi then led us on a beautiful walk to a magnificent 94’ waterfall - with many wildflowers along the way.  We also saw the swinging bridge that Charlie used and the house he built when he retired from teaching.
We then walked to his original cabin, had lunch on the deck and were entertained with “Charlie” stories by Jerry McCollum.
After lunch Eddie led us to another beautiful waterfall - and more wildflowers.
You can learn more about the Wharton Center at
Jean Hunnicutt
                                         Karen's photos:
Beech Creek
Lunch on the porch
The cabin on Beech Creek
Dan, Jerry McCullom, and Don
Trailhead at end of road

David's photos:

Jean's photo:
Eddi Minch