Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Walk with Larry Mellichamp from Wayah Bald to Wine Spring, July 18, 2016

Rose Twisted Stalk with berries

We were so lucky to catch Larry Mellichamp between his workshop at the Highlands Biological Station and the Cullowhee Native Plants Conference!  The walk he led for us from Wayah Bald to Wine Spring was perfect - beautiful cool weather and a trail with a huge diversity of interesting plants.  (Thanks to Don Fisher for suggesting the trail!)  Larry spent time with each species giving us clues for identifying each, telling stories to help us remember them and often saying whether and how they could be used in a home garden.  His knowledge is endless and he shared it with a sense of humor.  What an entertaining and fun learning experience for us all.

At the Cullowhee Conference later in the week, it was no surprise to learn that Larry received the 2016 Tom Dodd, Jr Award of Excellence.  The award is presented annually to the North American native plantsman of the year and has been awarded since 1988. Larry was recognized by the conference for his long dedication to the study, propagation and promotion of native plants of North American and more specifically North Carolina. 
Congratulations to Larry and thanks for a wonderful day with SAPS.

Karen's and David’s photographs say more than words:


American Lovage at the parking lot
Larry instructing

Walking on the Appalachian Trail

Hay Scented Fern

Bush Honeysuckle
Clintonia leaves at base of tree

Oyster Mushrooms

 Joe-Pye Weed, Eupatorium 

Jerry and Helen getting photos of Sarsaparilla

Indian Pipe, Ghost Plant

Blue Cohosh

Ramp blooms

Witch Hobble

Lions Foot plus

Great Solomon's Seal

Wood Nettle

Horse Balm

Jack-in-the-Pulpit with fruit

Starry Campion

Crimson Bee Balm and Joe-Pye Weed

Fire Pink




Basil Balm

Carrion with fruit

Heal All

Larry and Monarda hybrid

Indian Pipe

Striped Maple in fruit


Pale or Yellow Jewell Weed


Sepals and Petals make Tepals

Striped Maple Tree

Sarsaparilla with fruit

Lunch stop, finally

Basil Balm

Daisy Fleabane

Fly Honeysuckle with fruit

Monarda hybrid and Bee



Monk's Hood

Turk's Cap Lily

Monk's Hood

Monk's Hood

Monk's Hood

Monk's Hood