Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bryophytes with Ed Schwartzman at Cliffside September 18, 2015

Cliffside Lake / Dry Falls with Ed Schwartzman

Cliffside Lake was a beautiful location for our second foray into mosses and liverworts.
Ed again started the day by saying he's not an expert on bryophytes and immediately began to overwhelm us with his knowledge - and enthusiasm.
He helped us see and understand the complexity (and wonder) of these nonvascular plants.
Dry Falls of course was spectacular with its unusual and rare mosses / liverworts.

Thanks to Ed for another wonderful day - and to Karen for capturing it in her beautiful photographs.

Bazzania trilobata

Connecticut Beech Fern

Dry Falls

Ed finding mosses


Elen and Jean examining mosses

Ginny and Henry looking at moss


Jean examining a bryophyte

Brent and Bryophytes

Lizard Skin Liverwort

Mountain Spleenwort Fern

Orange Lichen and Falls

Pincushion Moss

Spaghnum Moss

Spleenwort and Liverwort

examining the stump for mosses

Ellen, Henry and George

Ed and Ellen

Cliffside and SAPS with Ed

Ed finding mosses

Ed and instruction

rare bryophyte

moss and liverworts under the waterfall

Henry and Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Dry Falls and many plants