Saturday, October 28, 2017

Camp Creek with Jess Riddle October 14, 2017

It was another wonderful SAPS adventure!
The Camp Creek trail along the Chattooga River was new to many of us and most of the NC folks hadn’t been out with Jess Riddle who is an amazing botanist.  We’d expected to see mainly trees.  We did see trees - including at 165-ft. White Pine, Hop Hornbeam, Persimmon and a stand of Paw Paw among others.  And Jesse helped us identify Beech vs. Hornbeam vs. Birch.
We also saw Climbing Hydrangea, Trumpet Creeper, Heart-leaved Purple Aster, Curtis’s Goldenrod, Appalachian Hill Cane and others that make us realize that this will be a wonderful site for a spring wildflower walk - with Jess again.  His knowledge seems endless and his passion inspiring.  Thanks to Dan Rawlins for arranging the trip.

We also enjoyed getting to know some to the Georgia Forest Watch folks who shared the walk.

Thanks to David Fann for documenting this trip with his wonderful photographs.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Whiteside Mountain with Don Fisher

September 22, 2017
We had a beautiful Fall day for our trip to Whiteside Mountain.    Don was very informative and we learned a lot and enjoyed seeing some high elevation species such as Granite Dome Goldenrod, Mountain Holly, and Mountain Ash (which is not an Ash). 

Thanks to David Fann for these wonderful images of our day on Whiteside:

White Wood Aster

Talking about white tip on leaf of Minnie Bush

Dueling cameras

Indian Cucumber

Karen Lawrence's images from the day:

Granite Dome Goldenrod

going down


Dan and Granite Dome Goldenrod

David at work

Granite Dome Goldenrod




Mountain Ash with Berries

Narrow Leaf Bluet

Stunted Old Red Oak

Stan and Uprooted ground with trees

The Face


Valley below

Long wet wall

Don teaching


Don explaining


Bidens/ Beggarticks

White Wood Aster

Curtis' Goldenrod

Don and Witch Hazel

American Horehound/Virginia Bugleweed

Indian Cucumber

Indian Cucumber

Looking at Umbrella Leaf

Maple leaves turning

Mountain Holly

The Wall

White Snakeroot

Witch Hazel