Friday, April 8, 2016

  Corneille Bryan Native Garden with Janet Manning 

Photos by Karen Lawrence from our exploration of this ravine garden of native plants.  Janet Manning has managed this garden for over 15 years and she guided us on an informative and engaging journey through the trails, educating us about the plants and the history of this special habitat with over 500 species of plants.

Patricia and Janet


Cucumber Magnolia trunk with Sapsucker marks


Glade Fern


Jacob's Ladder

Janet finding salamanders

Janet with a tiny salamander

Showing the salamander

Mary and Stan with salamander

Ned on the trail

Oconee Bell, Shortia

Fernleaf Phacelia

Celandine Poppy

Robin's Plantain

Silvery Glade Fern

Stan and Mary

Swamp Pink

Sweet Betsy

White Wake Robin

Celebrating the garden!


Irene, Sandy, Nancy

our lunch spot

Ned, Tom, Elena

Stan, Mary, Jean, Janet

Yellow Trillium

Virginia Bluebells