Friday, July 15, 2016

Tour of Highlands Botanical Garden/Highlands Biological Station on 7/14/16

It was a perfect day for our visit.  The visit started with a welcome from Jim Costa, Director of HBS and introduction of Russell Funderburk, Horticulturist of HBG.  Russell, with much passtion and enthusiasm, led us through the gardens, identifying plants, discussing plant communities and interweaving talk about history, goals and plans for the gardens.  If you missed the trip, you can learn more at: including a schedule of what's blooming. This is a garden we should visit several times a year.
David's photos show it:

After lunch, Jim's behind-the-scenes tour of HBS began at the Nature Center in the beautiful WPA building.  He described several current and future exhibits that warrant another visit to absorb.  Then we walked around the rest of the campus:  the Valentine house converted to dorms and the adjacent duplex building (housing), the lab/classroom building, Coker Lab & Admin Building.  In the library, Jim showed us plans for a future pollinators meadow with pavilion, a new, more visible entry to the campus and additional walkways.  We ended the tour at the Weyman Building, an International Style building which HBS hopes to restore to its former design.
What a wonderful place for students and researchers from all over the world to study the diverse and unique Southern Appalachian environment and biota.  More info at:

And more photos from David:

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