Friday, September 13, 2013

Trip to another bog with Carrie Radcliffe - part 2 by Jean Hunnicutt

Filming for Georgia Outdoors.  Carrie is a natural in front of the camera.

Fading blooms of Mountain Purple Pitcher Plants
Carolina Bog Laurel or Sheep Laurel.  (I don't think we saw this on the first trip

Box Turtle on that beautiful red Sphagnum again.
Dr. Sally Horn and the sediment coring crew at work
Carrie and husband Mike.  It was their 2nd wedding anniversary!
The whole crew.  They are a passionate, dedicated, fun-loving group who seem to enjoy each other - and restoring / preserving these rare and beautiful bog habitats.

They got me hooked.  I'm ready to go again - and am looking forward to volunteering with them next year.  Carrie will let us know when the "Georgia Outdoors" secret places episode will be aired.

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