Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meadow Making with Randy Burroughs

After Randy's program last week I have the courage to start on my meadow - finally. His lecture was full of practical advice and inspiration, and I loved his passion for protecting and fostering our native environment. The day was beautiful and our Greenway was the perfect laboratory for our walk. I have a new appreciation for such common natives as Broomsedge, Partridge Pea, Purple Top Grass, Wooly Witch Grass - even Rabbit Tobacco. Thanks to Randy for that - and for the beautiful, healthy plants he brought to share. Watch next summer for the Cardinal Flowers blooming along the Greenway. And here's the book he mentioned but didn't remember title:
 Jean Hunnicutt

I, too, was motivated to begin a meadow.  And, as a result of Randy's find presentation, I began noticing some quite exceptional meadows right in my own neighborhood.  Randy's passionate comments on how a meadow creates a habitat for all kinds of creatures native to our environment was especially inspiring.  
Kathy Stilwell

Here is the link to Karen Lawrence's photos from the day.

And here are some random shots from the session: 


  1. Sounds like it was a great program! Meadows are such wonderful habitat (for all sorts of things).

  2. Thank you for your excellent follow-up of programs. I rarely have the opportunity to take part in the excellent programs, but I always enjoy the review.

    Sylvia Purcupile