Sunday, April 26, 2015

Smith Gilbert Garden 2015 Trip--Photos by David Fann and Bob Gilbert

The morning began with a terrible rain storm and we all thought that our trip to the gardens would not take place!  However, the skies cleared and we had a glorious early spring trip to a beautiful gardens.
We had as our guide, Bob Gilbert, who with Richard Smith developed the gardens and restored the lovely home.  We started our trip in the house where Bob explained the history and the restoration of each room.
After our house tour, we had a wonderful box lunch in the carriage house.  During lunch, we were serenaded by a Red-shoulder Hawk.  He was so vocal that we decided that he wanted to be invited to lunch, too.
We were introduced to David,  the horticulturist for the gardens.  Although he went along with us and was very knowledgeable, Bob Gilbert was our guide through the gardens.
Along our first path, we encountered the enormous D'Or holly.  It was crammed full of yellow berries!  As we continued along the paths, we were treated to lovely blooming plants and trees: azaleas, hybrid rhododendron, green dragon, Solomon's seal, Pagoda Dogwood, and the spectacular Gray Beard.  Bob told us wonderful stories of the different sculptures and of the "Tea-House" set in a lovely rock garden and water feature.
Not to be missed was the bonsai garden!  Most of Bob's bonsai are there now.
Even though the afternoon rain cut our visit to the conifer garden a bit short, it was a lovely visit.  If you have not visited this treasure, put it on your bucket list and get there.   Nancy Davis

Rhodendron austrinum Florida Azalea 
Finge Tree
Witch Hazel

Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust variety ‘Frisia’ 

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