Saturday, June 17, 2017

Panthertown with Dan Pittillo

What could be better than a beautiful day in Panthertown Vally with Dan Pittillo!?!
Our SAPS trip on June 6 was perfect.
Dan began the day with the history of this unique “Yosemite of the East" - its formation, geology, diverse habitats, as well as its history since the logging of the 1930’s.
We saw amazing vistas, a sandy “beach,” wetland areas, rocky outcrops and the diverse flora in each.  Lunch was at the beautiful Schoolhouse Falls.
On the walk were Virginia Willard, board member of Friends of Panthertown, and Ray Daniel a Panthertown "neighbor.”  At the end of the walk, Ray invited us to stop by his house on the way out to see his view.  An amazing view of Laurel Knob from his back yard.  A lovely way to end the day.

Kathy and Karen share their photos of our adventure.

Karen's photos:

Rhododendrons and Laurels

Racemed Milkwort; Polygala polygama
closeup of above

Lunch and rest

Pale Corydalis; Capnoides sempervirens

Little Green Mountain

Mountain Laurel; Kalmia latifolia

Flame Azalea; R. calendulaceum

Geology lesson

Big Green Mountain

Birch Tree Story

Carolina Rhododendron; R. minus

Fly Poison; Amianthuium muscaetoxicum
(brownish bracts show beneath the flowers)

Red Eft

Top of Little Green Mountain

Laurel Knob from Ray Daniel's home

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  1. I alway enjoy a trip to Panthertown Valley, "Yosemite Valley of the East". Only yesterday I joined the Agers, John (NC House Gov. Rep.)and wife Annie (one of former Congresman Jamie Clarke's and wife Espeth's children). Both them were so thankful that the valley has become such a valuable asset to all who get to visit it. The Clarkes donated much of the downstream Tuckaseigee Gorge to the US Forest Service as well. (Send me a note if you'd like to read my several columns I recently wrote of this fine area: