Monday, April 22, 2013

Dan Pittillo's Nodding Trillium Garden Trip--Part 1

It was a distinct pleasure to have the opportunity to visit a garden that has been 40 years in the "making"--perhaps I should say "growing"!

The first thing to catch our eye as we approached, was the expanse of blue phlox traveling across the slope.

From there, we were treated to the sight of numerous wild native plants in various growing stages.  Kathy Matthews, WCU Herbarium Director and Curator, joined us for the tour. 

Dan explained that Nodding Trillium Garden, so named because of the relatively large population of Trillium rugelii.  The garden is located on a geologic sill with circumneutral soils and olivine outcrops.  

Here are a few photos of the numerous plants we saw in this fabulous garden.  There will be more photos in an upcoming post.  

Bishop's Cap 

Dicentra canadensis - Squirrel Corn 

Courtesy of Patricia K Howell-Allium Tricoccum - Ramps

Courtesy of Patricia K Howell Shortia Galacifolia - Oconee Bells

   Galearis spectabilis - Showy Orchid (PKH Photo)

   Asarum caudatum - Wild ginger with Canadian violets (PKH Photo)

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