Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elizabeth Ellison's Watercolor Workshop

On a chilly and overcast day in January 2013, a group of SAPS members were treated to a workshop given by award winning watercolor artist, Elizabeth Ellison.  

Some of us were complete novices to watercolor while others had varying degrees of experience.  Elizabeth showed us her expert techniques for creating landscapes as well as gardening journals.  We were awed by the handcrafted journals she brought.  She has been making them for years so it was a unique view into the beautiful corner of the world she lives in; not only from a botanical perspective, but from an historical one.  It was inspiring.

She asked us to describe a view that had caught our attention and then proceeded to recreate it with her pallet of watercolors and her amazing talent.  As one of the novices, I had no idea what it takes to produce a watercolor painting and I was mesmerized by the process.  

Inspired by Elizabeth's demonstrations - and with her help and guidance - we each did our own watercolors, gaining confidence as we worked. 

Elizabeth gave us the inspiration and courage to continue on our own - I hope at least some of us will.  

Fortunately for us, Elizabeth will be doing another workshop.  Let us know right away if you'd like the details.  

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