Thursday, August 25, 2016

Impromptu Mushroom Walk with Mycol Stevens - August 9, 2016

                           Impromptu Mushroom Walk with Mycol Stevens - August 9, 2016

Our walk with Mycol was magical.  First it was by coincidence that we met him - on a bird walk - and somehow discovered that he knows something about fungi.  He was in Franklin for a few weeks only and we were able to talk him into doing the walk for us.  Then Stan Polanski, who knows mushrooms pretty well himself, scouted out and chose the Alaska Laurel trail which is beautiful with diverse habitats and a wide variety of mushrooms / fungi - and many interesting summer wildflowers as well.  A magical site.  It didn’t take us long to agree that Mycol is a mushrooms expert and has the ability to share his knowledge in an entertaining way.  What a fun learning experience.

Photos by Karen Lawrence and Kathy Stilwell show the variety of mushrooms we saw - and the magic of the day.

The reference book that Mycol recommended is MUSHROOMS DEMYSTIFIED by David Arora.

Karen Lawrence:


top of amanita
Mycol and Amanitas
Black Trumpets

Carolina Lilies
top of Chanterelle
gills of Chanterelle
Coral Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms
Red-top Amanita

Black Trumpet
two Chanterelles

Carolina Lily


Wild Raisin, Witherod
Kathy Stilwell's photos:

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