Thursday, August 25, 2016

Satulah Mountain Walk with Gary Wein 8/18/16

Thanks to Gary Wein for taking us to Satulah Mountain on Thursday.  I can’t believe I’d never been there.
Gary gave us the history of the property, purchased in1909 for a pittance.  It eventually became the foundation for the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust of which Gary is executive director.  
The trail is lovely, some of it part of an old road bed.  Typical  plants along the way up were Chinquapin, Dwarf White Oak, Buckberry, Bush Honeysuckle.  We stopped at a restoration area where the Land Trust is encouraging growth particularly of Hartweg's Locust and a rare juniper.
There were wonderful views at the summit (4,543 ft.) and of course unusual plants growing on this granite heath bald:  Pitch Pine, Sand Myrtle, Hartweg's Locust, Granite Dome Goldenrod, Krigia among others.
As usual, Karen’s and David’s photos tell the story best.

Hope we can go back in June to see the Hartweg’s Locust in bloom!

David's photos:

Gary and Chinquapin
Buckberry, Huckleberry

Trailing Arbutus

At the top



Sand Myrtle
Hartweg's Locust

Dwarf Juniper
Gary and Granite Dome Goldenrod
Granite Dome Goldenrod

long view

Karen's photos:

Chinquapin burls
David at work
Krigia Montana
Dwarf Juniper
Galax and trail

Gary Wein at top of Satulah
Old Satulah Road

Pitch Pine

restoration plot

Karen could not resist the mushrooms so here are a few we saw on the trail:

 And back to the parking lot we found:
White Snakeroot:  Eupatorium rugosum

pattern in the rock

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