Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 SAPS-NCGA Schedule in Brief

2013 SAPS-NCGA Schedule 

January 7--Nature Journaling with Elizabeth Ellison
January 22--“Conifers and Piccadilly” with Flo Chaffin
February 19--”Introduction to Soils and Plant Nutrition” with Paul Pugliese
March 16--“Pigeon Mountain Field Trip” with Dan Pittillo
April 13--"Ramp Cove and Kelly Ridge Field Trip” with Dan Rawlings
April 27-28--"Snowbird Lodge” with Simon Thompson
May 4--"Hike of Balsam Mountain” with Michael Skinner of BMT
May 9--"Cedar Glade Outing” with Ed Schwartzman & Brent Martin
May 15--"Trip to Smith-Gilbert Gardens” with Robert Gilbert
June 20--"Fires Creek Stewartia Walk” with Jack Johnston 
July 9--"Wolf Mountain Field Trip” with Newcomb Wildflower Guide
August 8--"Terrestrial Orchids” with Don Fisher
August 27--"Plant Propagation and Tour” with Tom Ranney & Jeff Chandler
September 12--"Buck Creek Serpentine Barrens” with Gary Kauffman 
October 5--“Hiking, Harvesting and Medicine Making” with Lorna Mauney-Brodek
Nov 8--"The Principal People and Edible, Medicinal, and Utilitarian Plants of the Cherokee and Early Settlers" with George Ellison

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