Friday, February 1, 2013

“Introduction to Soils and Plant Nutrition” With Paul Pugliese

February 19, 2013
“Introduction to Soils and Plant Nutrition”
With Paul Pugliese
 As plant lovers, we know soil is an essential component to growing things.  This program will cover the following aspects of this important topic.  
•          Importance of Soil Conservation
•          Soil components and their relative proportion in soils
•          Texture of a soil & influence of texture on plant growth
•          Soil compaction, how to alleviate it, & how compaction affects plant growth.
•          Importance of soil organic matter
•          How different soil amendments affect the structure, texture, and pH of soils
•          Colloids, CEC, cations, and anions and how they affect plant nutrition (briefly)
•          Why pH is such an important factor in nutrient uptake and plant nutrition and how changing pH affects different soil properties
         Essential elements required for plant growth and the different inorganic and organic fertilizer sources of each.

10am to 12 Noon
$10 Donation
Ga Mtn Research Center-Blairsville

The recent interest in locally grown foods has also spurred interest in starting small farms. Paul helps new farmers search for funds, develop business plans and learn about regulations.  The demand for basic farming information was so high that Pugliese created a beginners school for small farmers. 
Pugliese received his undergraduate degree in horticulture at Berry College. He then went on to pursue a master's degree in plant protection and pest management at the University of Georgia.
He worked for the Georgia Department of Agriculture for three years before becoming a county agent in 2006.
Now his daily office routine includes identifying several insect,disease, weed, and turfgrass samples every day. He uses his training in plant pathology, entomology and weed science to solve the majority of his client's problems. 
Interning in Madison, Cobb and Gordon Counties also helped prepare him for his job as an agent.
An avid gardener, he has a 2,500 square foot vegetable garden and a small fruit orchard. Two years ago, he and his wife built a home on the family's farm in Kingston, Ga. They enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and being outdoors.

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