Friday, February 1, 2013

“Conifers with Flo Chaffin”

January 22, 2013
“Conifers with Flo Chaffin”

This field trip will take us to Watkinsville, GA where Flo Chaffin, the co-owner of Specialty Ornamentals will provide us with an informative program on woody plants PLUS a gourmet lunch!    
What are woody plants? How would we organize and be able to learn them? This course is designed to give a basic review of woody plant structure, and characteristics, and to organize them in a way that will help lead to an ability to identify a large range of woody plants. This 
class will deal with conifers in general, and move to specifics of the major genera and some of the species that are suitable for use in the Southeast.
Most all of what we do will be hands on, standing in front of the plant touching, smelling, comparing, etc. Goals for this conifer segment should cover the major genera of Abies, Chamaecyparis, Cryptomeria, Juniperus, Pinus, Podocarpus, and Thuja, and some of their 
major species and cultivars. This should point the way to the next 1000 plants easily incorporated into the memory bank.  After Lunch we will visit Piccadilly Farms nearby --another conifer display garden.

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